Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hallmark Refused to Sell Me Gay Wedding Cards and Comming Out Cards

Damn homophobes at Hallmark Ala-moana refused to sell me any cards from their gay series today, even though they admitted that they had them in the back of the store in stock. Fuck Hallmark! On another note, why don't they have any type of Atheist cards?

OK, to the person who commented on this. I am not saying that it is not within the rights of that particular Hallmark store to sell whatever cards they want, neither am/was I trying to force them to sell me the cards. What happened is an observation on my part that the manager at Hallmark first lied to me claiming there were no such things then told me "We are not selling those cards during the holiday season" (even though it is august and nowhere near the holiday season) and would not sell me the cards even though they had them in stock and in their store and my reaction to that. It is the same as lets say an individual McDonald's would start to refuse to serve minorities or blacks, if that were the case I would say Fuck McDonald's. Perhaps, you are familiar with small pharmacies in the middle of nowhere refusing to sell contraceptives. Some small towns only have one pharmacy or one place where they can buy contraceptives from, if that were gone would you not object to such vile practices?

The reason why I brought up the Atheist cards thing was just because, I found that almost all of the worlds religions were being represented in every single section through out Hallmark. So why not sell atheistic cards, this is not a demand, just a suggestion.

On a side note, a friend of mine bought some of the cards the weekend before, at that same shop. But this was before Hallmark gave in to the complaints of Religious groups

The following is from a blog found here, which is along the lines of how I feel on the topic.
I'm all for Hallmark deciding to have cards honoring the marriages and commitment ceremonies of gay people - after all, it is the law in California and Massachusetts that gay couples can legally wed. But I do have a problem with Hallmark saying it's okay for it's stores to not carry the new gay wedding cards because, you know, some local Hallmark stores don't like homos. Would Hallmark headquarters let local stores pull cards that are geared to the black community because, you know, some local Hallmark stores don't like black Americans? Hallmark though it had a problem with the religious right, that's rabble-rousing to try to get stores to the pull the gay cards. Honey, you ain't seen nothing yet. It's one thing for a religious right person to be offended that Hallmark offers gay cards. It's another thing for gay people to see Hallmark engage in blatant bigotry against gay people. That's an attack on their own customers. Most religious right nutjobs couldn't care less about the gay cards, but every gay person will be offended to their core that Hallmark is tolerating bigotry.
Here is a news link talking about how individual stores won't carry the cards.

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Bberryman said...

I read a couple of your posts, thought they were quite interesting. This one was a let down. Why do you think anyone needs to sell you anything they don't want to sell you? Atheist cards? For what?